About Us



Essential Essence Inc. is a one woman owned small business built from the ground up.  It is my passion and urge to create, craft, and design which is something I love.  I have always loved candles but found that most of my favorite brands contained lots of chemicals and unnecessary additives. At this moment I knew there was a need to be filled.  I started my research looking for better candle ingredients that would not cause ailments in the future. Because my daughter suffers from respiratory disease, I wanted to make sure the candle we burned were free from toxins. The process has been calming and therapeutic knowing that I am solving a problem that other moms or individual deal with on a daily basis. In 2018 I began creating and pouring my own all natural soy candles to save money and utilize eco-friendly natural ingredients. I made a few candles for a few family members, and they suggested that I sell some and boom the idea was born.

Being a single parent, I wanted to teach my daughter about entrepreneurship. This is a business skill that I believe is very important to build upon around these uncertain times in the job market.

Essential Essence Inc. uses 100% soy wax. These are vegan and free from phthalates. The glass containers we provide are reusable. We are an eco-friendly company and take great pride in reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.



Our mission is to capture a memorable moment through fragrances that allows our users to encourage a positive mindset, promote love, laughter and relaxation at the flick of a flame. Our goal is to encourage our consumers to become eco-friendly and explore the true essence of nature.